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Rules & Regulations

指定裝備 Mandatory Gears

  • 所有參加者起步時必須帶同1000毫升飲料起步,能打通緊急聯絡號碼的手提電話,300卡路里食物 (舉個例子:一塊蛋糕+一個小蘋果+10粒青提+5粒果仁或以營養標籤顯示)

  • All participants must bring container(s) of 1000ml drink, and a mobile phone with a valid network when starting, 300 Calories food (for example, 1pc of cake+1pc of small apple+10pcs of grape+5pcs of nuts or shown by food nutrition label).


號碼布 Number BIB

  • 所有參加者必須把號碼有展示在身體前方。

  • All participants must show their number BIB in the front part of the body.

不得亂拋垃圾 No Littering

  • 所有參加者不得在賽道上亂拋垃圾,一經查證,將被取消參賽資格。請把垃圾棄置在會場內的指定垃圾桶。

  • No littering is allowed on the race course. If any participants are found littering, their result will be disqualified. Please hold trash until you arrive at the finish.


不得走捷徑 No Shortcut

  • 所有參賽者必須沿著賽道上作賽。如有走捷徑者,一經發現,將被取消參賽資格。

  • All participants must follow the trail as it is marked. Participants will be disqualified if they are found running shortcuts.


嚴禁陪行及接受支援 No Pacers and No Aids outside checkpoint

  • 所有參加者必須自行完成賽事或所負責路段。在賽道上,所有參加者不得接受任何形式的支援及陪行,違者將被取消參賽資格。

  • All participants are required to finish the race or their loops on their own capability. All participants are not allowed to accept any aids / pacing on the course, or their result will be disqualified.


不設上訴 No Appeal

  • 主辦單位對所有違規者有最終決定權是否取消其參賽資格.

  • The organizer's decision on any disqualification is final.


緊急情況 Emergency

  • 如遇緊急情況,請馬上撥打主辦單位緊急聯絡電話 54711974。

  • In case of an emergency, please call the organizer's emergency contact number 54711974.


惡劣天氣 Bad weather

  • 如遇上以下惡劣天氣(颱風、暴雨、雷暴),比賽會被除取或被延遲。請所有參加者留意大會公佈。

  • In case of the following bad weather conditions (typhoon, heavy rain, thunderstorm), the race will be cancelled or delayed. All participants are required to follow the announcement.

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